Taste the Secret


Are you a hip-hop fan? Then you’ve got to check out Ugly Duckling‘s Taste the Secret, out now on Emperor Norton Records. Why would I mention a hip-hop album on the Veg Blog?

Taste the Secret is the motto of ultra-disgusting fast-food chain Meat Shake. Yes, it is what you’re thinking: they serve milkshakes with meat in them (the vanilla and ham flavored is only available during the Christmas season!). The story goes that the three members of Ugly Duckling met years ago while working at (the fictional) Meat Shake, and the ongoing theme running through the album is Meat Shake’s battle against the evil Veggie Hut.

The skits are hilarious, as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously as a meat-eater or a vegetarian. Some are acted out, some are rapped, but they’re all quite funny… take the hidden track, where Brianna from the Veggie Hut welcomes visitors to her store by rhyming over some new agey Putomayo-ish music:

I’m so glad you came to Veggie Hut! Hi, my name’s Brianna,
And if you’re seeking inner peace, this could be nirvana.
We offer fruits and vegetables straight from nature’s vine,
Feed your body, mind, and spirit, that’s the motto on our sign.
Try a soy milkshake, plus a side of seaweed,
Wheatgrass, mushroom, and tomato tree seed,
Have a little tofu, carrot juice, asparagus,
All organic food, mother nature’s taking care of us.
And Friday nights, we express ourselves openly,
Two full hours of spoken word poetry!
Then we have a class on transcendental education,
So when you’re done eating, you can try a meditation.

The highlight, though, comes when a customer asks to buy a CD of world music, but wonders why it’s $29. “It’s an organic CD. It was organically made and handcrafted by Tibetan village people in the Himalayas,” Brianna says before adding, “Um… can you please leave the store?”

Great stuff.

3 Responses to “Taste the Secret”

  1. fly

    you don’t really think the “meat shake” chain actually exists do you?

  2. jonny rockwell

    greatest hip hop album ever!

  3. pentium4person

    I have this and it is a silly but good album. :-)

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