A Vegan promoting sausage?


The Vegan Blog asks a good question: why does Dennis Kucinich, a vegan congressman/presidential hopeful, promote kielbasa on his page? It harkens back to his late-90s congressional run where he prescribed “polka, bowling, and kielbasa as the answer to civilization’s downfall.

Kucinich, a former Cleveland mayor, isn’t doing terribly well in his bid for the Democratic nomination, but is reportedly considering a run with the Green Party (former presidential candidate John Hagelin of the Natural Law Party has decided not to run this year and has thrown the party’s support behind Kucinich). His campaign should be interesting to watch, as he’s one of the few (only?) candidates in recent memory that’s been an outspoken animal-rights, vegan advocate. And he seems to be quite a character, to boot.

More information about Kucinich can be found on Politics1.com.