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After visiting my family in New Jersey on Father’s Day weekend, my wife and I stopped off at Singapore Vegetarian Restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ (they also have a Philadelphia location). I ate there about nine months earlier and was dying to order some more of their faux shrimp. After my second visit, I can say that Singapore is a simply amazing restaurant and my wife, who isn’t vegetarian, agrees.

Singapore serves up a kosher vegan menu that can only be described as “extensive.” Do this: imagine a full service Chinese restaurant that has a couple hundred options on their menu… beef, pork, chicken, seafood. Now take that menu and you know what they serve at Singapore. Over 150 vegetarian options are offered including Kung Pao Chicken, Lychee Crispy Duck, Pork Ribs, Sizzling Seafood Delight, Beef with Satay Sauce, and Roast Pork with Black Bean Sauce.

During my first visit, I had pineapple chicken and split a plate of shrimp with a friend. The chicken was very good, but the shrimp were unbelievable. The “meat” slightly resembled shrimp, looking a little more like crab meat, and though the taste was close to shrimp it wasn’t exactly the same. But you know what: it tasted a hell of a lot better than I remember shrimp tasting. Apparently, the fake shrimp are made from a combination of tofu, seitan, honiaku (?), potato, carrot, and yam, and despite how weird that sounds, you’d be totally blown away by these delights.

This time around, I ordered the Golden Lion’s Head lunch special with miso soup. I didn’t quite know what to expect from the Golden Lion’s Head, but it sounded so good: golden mushrooms, tofu, five spice bean curd and tofu skin, and a Peking ginger sauce. Man oh man… good stuff. The sauce wasn’t too thick, like some Chinese sauces tend to be…. a wonderful texture and complex blend of flavors. My wife had the Seafood Combination lunch special (which included the shrimp!) and shark fin soup. We ended up ordering another plate of shrimp to go and it was a good addition to our lunches over the next few days.

If you’re travelling route 295 in New Jersey, I encourage you to take exit 32 and stop by Singapore for an excellent meal. They don’t have a web site (this one doesn’t really count), so here’s some information from their menu:

Singapore Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant, located in The Centrum Shoppes, 219-H Berlin Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 (856-795-0188). They’re open every day except Tuesday. Their Philadelphia location is at 1006 Race Street (215-922-3288).

And here are some scans of the menu:

7 Responses to “Singapore Vegetarian”

  1. lisa

    Maybe what you heard as honiaku was konnyaku?

    Lion’s head is the name for a traditional Chinese meatball dish.

  2. Ryan

    That could be, Lisa… it was listed on the menu as “honiaku,” but Googling returned no results. Perhaps it’s a misspelled alternate spelling…

  3. jim

    Sounds amazing. I wish we had something like this in our area (toledo). A lot of people/companies are still very ignorant and unsupportive of non-meat cuisine.

  4. maniy

    I agree completely. I too was blown away by some of their dishes- not just because it was vegetarian but simply the taste and the new incorporations of ideas. A complete surprise in a sea full of the same-same.

    It is definitely an original place full of creations that deserves culinary merit.. vegetarian or not.

    .. One of the few places in the world doing so.. and doing so in a delicious way.

  5. cynthia

    i thought you might want to know, they’re closing the singapore in cherry hill this weekend!

    we’re all so heartbroken!

  6. gene

    I have an extended lexicon of Japanese food and honiaku is not there. I believe it should be konnyaku “devil’s tongue (firm) gelatin”.It is made from the root of a plant of that name and a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine.It is made in blocks (square cakes), balls, fat noodles,short ones, and vermicelli. It is chewy and has no flavor but absorbs flavors.The spaghetti-like version is called shirataki,an essential ingredient in authentic sukiyaki.Shirataki is sold in a can along with some other special ingredient for making sukiyaki. The small block form is used in oden, a dish of exotic vegetables in a broth. Eating abowl of oden is eating Japanese as you can get,and it tastes good too.

  7. Katherine

    hi, just need to check, is there any vegetarian food stall at Zion Riverside Food Centre?

    Thank you.

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