Beware the Poultry Vacuum

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Poultry in Motion: With Invention, Chicken Catching Goes High-Tech

Convincing chickens to go to slaughter ain’t easy. Imagine that! It’s a job that’s done by hand and seriously stresses out and injures the birds along the way… in addition to the stress and injuries they receive just existing in a factory farm environment, of course.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a new $200,000 machine that looks like “a combination airport baggage carousel and tank” is now being used in many plants to capture up to 150 birds a minute, without causing the birds pain or stress. Animal rights groups, including PeTA, are supporting the machine, as it reduces “the panic, fear and horror of chickens.”

The title of this entry isn’t a joke, interestingly… apparently earlier (failed) devices to do a similar job included a chicken vacuum “which sucked up birds and shot them through tubes to waiting trucks.” Birds frequently got caught in the vacuum, died, and clogged it up, so it wasn’t a reasonable solution.

Of course, while this more “humane” way of slaughter eases some of the suffering of the birds, there are two things that will remain true: 1. the birds will still live their lives up to that point in miserable, disgusting, filthy conditions, and 2. the birds still end up dead and on someone’s plate.

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  1. Sungo's Journal

    I,I “Chicken Vacuum”

    Apparently, convincing a chicken breast to go to slaughter causes massive stress on said bird. Go figure. In an attempt to make this process more “humane”, a conveyor belt solution has been introduced. It runs about $200,000 USD and is endorsed by PETA…

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