Want organic? Start with oils.

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A new article in The Environmental Magazine titled “Choose wisely for heart-healthy fats” encourages consumers to buy organic oils, arguing that if any part of your diet must be organic, it’s the oils you use to cook with:

[I]f you can afford to buy only one organic food item, it should be culinary oils. They base their assertions on several things, but at the top of the list is the fact that heavy metals (which can show up in sewage sludge used to treat some nonorganic farms) and industrial chemicals such as pesticides tend to stick to fats.

The article also has a good section on which oils to choose for different types of cooking to avoid “damaging” the oils, which can increase the amount of cancer-causing agents in your food.



The apocalypse must be near: McDonald’s is going to sell a veggie burger… in the United States! 600 Southern California McDonald’s will begin offering this sandwich in order to try and attract a more health-conscious crowd.

In that, I don’t think they’ll succeed. But perhaps they might succeed in convincing a few regular customers to avoid the Big Mac and grab a McVeggie instead.

No details beyond the typical (soy-based with a whole wheat bun) are available about the burger and a search on McDonald’s site for information brings up nothing. However, there’s some info on the frightening employees-only Rip the Right Rhyme contest

More info on tea and your health

Adagio Teas’ monthly newsletter Tea Muse looks at the facts and fiction behind tea’s health benefits. I was a little disappointed they didn’t take time to debunk any myths and also noticed that most of the research uses small samples, but it’s still a worthwhile read (as is their frequently updated “Tea in the News” section.

Vegan Bed and Breakfasts


While leafing through the excellent debut issue of Herbivore Magazine and saw an ad for a vegan bed and breakfast that was—gasp!—in central Virginia (about three hours from where I live) called The White Pig. Everything looks excellent, from the accomodations to the web site down to the food.

Coincidentally, today the Washington Post featured The Sweet Thyme Inn, a vegan B&B in West Virginia.

Most bed and breakfasts are more than happy to accomodate vegetarians and vegans, but it’s pretty rare to come across ones that incorporate a vegan lifestyle into the bed and breakfast culture.