Want organic? Start with oils.

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A new article in The Environmental Magazine titled “Choose wisely for heart-healthy fats” encourages consumers to buy organic oils, arguing that if any part of your diet must be organic, it’s the oils you use to cook with:

[I]f you can afford to buy only one organic food item, it should be culinary oils. They base their assertions on several things, but at the top of the list is the fact that heavy metals (which can show up in sewage sludge used to treat some nonorganic farms) and industrial chemicals such as pesticides tend to stick to fats.

The article also has a good section on which oils to choose for different types of cooking to avoid “damaging” the oils, which can increase the amount of cancer-causing agents in your food.

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  1. mimi

    I am not sure I agree—Rice Oil is a great choice-no it is not organic but I have seen studies that show their are no pesticides. Rice Oil has way more antioxidants than olive oil, more vitamin E and a greater smoke point!!

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