Some Silk Recalled

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White Wave is recalling some of its half-gallon containers of their Silk vanilla soy milk because of possible contamination with sodium hydroxide, an alkaline cleaning solution. If you have one of these products with the following code dates, return it to the store for a refund: Jun 17 03 H CD70, Jun 17 03 J CD-70, Jun 18 03 H CD70 and Jun 18 03 J CD70.

No other Silk or White Wave products are involved in the recall.

Less Salmonella! Or not…

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If you look at this Reuters report, you might be encouraged to see that incidents of salmonella are down a bit from last year. Of course, if you’ve read any of the modern literature on factory farms, you’ll realize that the statistics are nearly worthless since the meat and poultry industries pretty much self-regulate. The USDA inspectors are generally regarded as just figureheads that have very little power or authority to create any sort of meaningful change in the factories. pointed out this AP report which is more balanced. For instance, “[The USDA] excluded data on plants where salmonella has been found repeatedly, making it seem as if salmonella is on the decline.” Where was that little tidbit in the Reuters article?

Supporting local agriculture


Ever since last August when a friend from college mentioned Community Supported Agriculture to me, it sounded like a great idea: pay a flat rate for stock in a local farm and get a back of freshly grown, organic vegetables, herbs, and such delivered weekly. Not only does it encourage supporting local farmers (local, organic farmers in some cases), it gets you vegetables fresher than you could ever get from the supermarket.

I contacted a local farm with a CSA program, but starting this year, they were no longer delivering to my hometown. Fortunately, she referred me to another local farm (one whom I’ve purchased produce from before) that runs a CSA: the Potomac Vegetable Farms. And, I’m proud to say, that after talking with the owner and getting some literature, my wife and I are now proud members for a 16-week stretch this summer. I’m really looking forward to it and having a fresh influx of fresh veggies each week.

Green tea stir-fry

This weekend, I was preparing broccoli as a side dish and wanted to try something a little different. I picked out “Spicy Green Tea Grilled Broccoli,” a simple recipe from Cooking With Green Tea (not a vegetarian cookbook, but worth checking out, especially for fans of green tea). It called for chile peppers (though I used simple pepper flakes) and had a nice little kick. The green tea absorbed well into the broccoli. I was quite pleased with the dish overall.

In looking for similar recipes online, I came across Healthwell’s Green Tea Stir-Fry with Garlic and Ginger that sounds mighty good. Swap out the honey with an alternate sweetener and the recipe’s vegan.

For a good introduction to cooking with tea, visit Cat-Tea Corner’s Cooking with tea and
teatime treats

DEA v.s. Hemp

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According to the Vegan Blog, the Drug Enforcement Agency is continuing its battle against hemp. Not marijuana specifically, but hemp. The same hemp that contains high levels of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, that can be made into more recyclable paper, and whose fibers are longer, stronger, more absorbent, and more mildew-resistant than cotton. Keep in mind that while hemp contains THC, the levels are so infinitesimally small that it would be nearly impossible to get any sort of “effect” from ingesting them.

It’s an absurd fight with no end result that can’t be obtained in a more logical way. The fight against marijuana (in my opinion, at least) is misdirected, but the fight against mere hemp seeds is akin to trying to ban the use of cameras because child pornography is illegal (though, obviously, child pornography is on a whole different level than marijuana).