Tea an “effective disease fighter”


A cup of tea may be germs’ new enemy

Some great news for tea drinkers (like me!):

“We worked out the molecular aspects of this tea component in the test tube and then tested it on a small number of people to see if it actually worked in human beings,” said Bukowski. The results, he said, gave clear proof that five cups of tea a day sharpened the body’s defenses against disease.

3 Responses to “Tea an “effective disease fighter””

  1. Tara

    is this all kinds of tea or just regular old black tea?

  2. Ryan

    Any kind of “real” tea (meaning tea that comes from the Camellia sinensis plant) and not herbal tea. So, black, green, oolong, etc. should all have the benefits mentioned in the article.

  3. Calista

    Yay! I love my tea. Gonna have a cuppa yummy gunpoweder green right now…

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