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Ever since last August when a friend from college mentioned Community Supported Agriculture to me, it sounded like a great idea: pay a flat rate for stock in a local farm and get a back of freshly grown, organic vegetables, herbs, and such delivered weekly. Not only does it encourage supporting local farmers (local, organic farmers in some cases), it gets you vegetables fresher than you could ever get from the supermarket.

I contacted a local farm with a CSA program, but starting this year, they were no longer delivering to my hometown. Fortunately, she referred me to another local farm (one whom I’ve purchased produce from before) that runs a CSA: the Potomac Vegetable Farms. And, I’m proud to say, that after talking with the owner and getting some literature, my wife and I are now proud members for a 16-week stretch this summer. I’m really looking forward to it and having a fresh influx of fresh veggies each week.

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  1. carvingCode

    Community Supported Agriculture

    Via Veg Blog comes an entry about Community Supported Agriculture.
    “CSA is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between local farmers and community members who pay the farmer an annual …

  2. johanna

    congrats! we’re about to start our second season w/a csa… last year was amazing. so much good food, so much produce we didn’t even recognize but now love, so much less packaging & plastic… good stuff!

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