A kind of funny story by way of the Obscure Store: Fishy Story Tests Chasidic Town’s Beliefs.

At a fish market in New Square, NY, several workers are clamining that a carp has talked to them in Hebrew, telling them he is the reincarnation of a Jewish person back to perform “tikkun,” or healing. The fish jumped into a barrel, though, and when it couldn’t be found, it was eventually sold with the rest of the fish.

Whoever tries to fry up that fish will be in for a surprise…

News Feeds

I’ve changed the format of the news feeds available on the site. Now, from one place, you can see the most recent vegetarian/vegan-related news from Google News and Moreover as well as RSS feeds from several veg*n-themed weblogs. These pages are generated dynamically, so they always have the most recent information available.

If you know of any resources that should be added, let me know.

Praise seitan! \,,/

By far the coolest vegetarian t-shirt ever: Praise Seitan, courtesy of Herbivore Clothing. In addition to being damn clever, Herbivore’s t-shirts have the added bonus of not having any connection whatsoever to sweatshop labor or animal-derived products. $19 is more than you’d pay in Wal-Mart for a t-shirt, but when shipping’s taken into account, it’s about what you’d pay for an average t-shirt from Cafepress.

While you’re at it, grab a few buttons or stickers. And keep an eye out for the premiere issue of their magazine this Spring (can’t wait!).

Vegan Food Site

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Looking for recipes? You’ll want to check out Vegan-Food.Net, which sports a large collection of vegan recipes from a variety of sources (mainly the newsgroup). This site is proof positive that you can easily eat a different vegan meal every day of the year and never repeat recipes. Also nice is the ability to comment on any recipe and search by ingredient.

Dig in.