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I’ll be heading to Chicago in May with my wife for a certain somebody‘s wedding, and as with any visit to a new town, I like to plan ahead. One of the most enjoyable parts of planning a trip is looking at what restaurants are available and regular people’s opinions on them. Today, via , I stumbled upon Vegan in Chicago which covers not only strictly vegetarian restaurants in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, but eateries that serve very good vegan dishes as part of a “regular” menu. It looks to be nice and thorough and I can’t wait to try some of these places out.

Any favorites among Chicago-based readers that you can share?

Update: Marla of Vegan Street pointed me towards their Vegan Dining in Chicago feature, whichis chock full of reviews of veggie-only restaurants. Thanks, Marla!

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  1. Andrew Rivett

    If you are looking for vegetarian restaurants around the world, check out, or for chicago:

  2. paul

    j3n’s list has got all the good places, except for several of the other Indian restaurants along Devon which tend to change around alot. Blind Faith in Evanston, a suburb just north of Chicago, Chicago Diner are good but the Ethiopian Cafe is awesome.

    Enjoy Chicago while you’re here!

  3. Cathy

    SO I know I’m posting after the fact (like 2 years later) but I noticed no one mentioned Alice and Friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Chicago Diner (great gyro, seitanic caesar salad, and amazing chocolate chip cookie dough vegan “milk” shakes, mmm), but ALice and Friends is a great vegetarian Korean restaurant. I had vegetarian Korean bbq and a great vegan lychee fruit shake. Cookies were also very tasty. Very Vegan friendly and reasonably priced. Oh another good place, is Myosore (spelling?) Woodlands, a vegetarian Indian restaurant. Great idly and dosa mmmm, vegan friendly of course!

  4. KHY

    3031 W. 111th st
    CHICAGO IL 60655
    A NEW 100% VEGAN restaurant just opened on the south side of Chicago. The food was delicious I wouldn’t be lying if I said I was slightly addicted. They have an awesome vibe I just love
    it. The restaurant is a fast service type of a place so you can eat healthy on the move.


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