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Friday night, Alex took me to a vegan restaurant I had read about before, but had never visited: Soul Vegetarian on Georgia Ave in DC (not far from Howard University). With 17 locations around the world (including Israel, Ghana, St. Croix, and England), Soul Vegetarian is the largest vegetarian restaurant chain in the world and is based on the diet of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem.

The menu offers a variety of meat-substitute dishes, vegetables, soy shakes, and desserts. I had the steak and cheese (wheat protein with sauteed peppers, onions, and soy cheese on a pita), sides of collard greens and broccoli with a peanut butter soy shake. The peanut butter shake may have been a mistake, but the sandwich and sides made up for it. I was totally filled, which is kind of a shame because I would have liked to try one of their desserts. Alex is a big fan of their macaroni and cheese and their gyro, which comes complete with vegan tzatziki sauce.

Other locations in the United States include Cleveland Heights, Chicago, and Atlanta.

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  1. e

    oooh, that’s my favorite in DC, but have you tried Delights of the Garden? If I remember correctly, it’s about two doors up from soul vegetarian. It’s awesome raw food.

  2. Ryan

    Erin — no, haven’t tried it… will have to give it a shot!

    BTW — thanks for stopping by, I’ve been by your site a few times in the past and enjoyed it.

  3. Tamika

    Thanks for this tip. I will try it soon. Have anyone tried Vegetable Garden on Rockville Pike? Very delicious and reasonably priced. See also visit for great eats!


  4. Mary

    I’m writing from the San Francisco Bay Area. Someone recently told me that Delights of the Garden in D.C. is closed. Is that true?

  5. a

    Yeah, I’ve been staying in DC for 2 months and haven’t seen Delight. Its definitely closed down.

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