Neglected Pigs Found and Saved (Mostly)


The SPCA found 128 sickly, neglected pigs on an Ashford, NY farm recently. The kind folks at the Farm Sanctuary are footing the bill until the pigs are nursed back to health and can be adopted (potential adoptees are being screened to make sure the pigs don’t end up at the slaughterhouse). Nine of the pigs had to be killed because they were in such poor health and another five died within a few days. The farm’s owner, Gerald Robert Nason Jr., is being charged with 120 counts of animal cruelty, each count carrying a maximum fine of $1,000 or a year in jail.

2 Responses to “Neglected Pigs Found and Saved (Mostly)”

  1. dian smith

    yes i know that man and he is an animal abuser. he should not be able to own any kind of animals and should also be in jail for along time to come. he also abused his wives that he had.

  2. giggles nason

    yes i know that man. yes he should be in jail for along time. all the wives and girlfriends he has had or will have have been abused at the hands of gerald r. nason jr. he doesn’t deserveanimals or anyone in his life.

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