Mummifying chickens

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Sixth-graders learn about mummification

And how do they learn about mummification?

By stuffing chickens.

My reaction was, “What a waste.” Seriously: couldn’t they have found an alternative? Interestingly, they did find an alternative for a vegetarian student. The student, with the help of a vegetarian teacher’s aide, stuffed a squash.

I bet that student didn’t end up saying things like:

“It comes out the butt,” Arliene Posno, a sixth-grader in Everhart’s second-period class, called out to her teacher. “How are we supposed to stuff it if it comes out the butt?

Young Arliene was then told by her teacher that it was coming out of the neck and that “she was actually stuffing the chicken via the butt and not via the neck.”

Too weird.

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  1. Jen

    That is completely disgusting… but hey, who knows. A couple more vegetarians could eventually be created that way. It sounds like the greatest reactions from the kids were caused by the sight of blood and the realization that the chicken carcasses really were once animals.

    Just looking for a bit of positive in the negative…

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