Could the beef industry be more lame?


If you want a good laugh, check out this Time article about the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s attempt to make meat eating “cool” amongst teen girls. As you might expect of a cattlemen’s attempt to look “cool” to a young crowd, their site, Cool-2B-Real fails miserably. Apparently, you can only be “real” (and healthy) if you eat beef.

I would have loved to sit in on the meetings between the NCAB and the site’s designers… imagaging the archetypal Texas cattleman, donning a cowboy hat, telling the designer, “No, no, son… I think we need lots more pink. Yeah, pink. And girls building pyramids. And don’t forget the flowers!”

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  1. Cesar

    From the same Time article:

    While chipper taglines about “cool” are not going to affect any normal teenager, frank discussions about health just might. New findings from the University of Minnesota link teen vegetarians to a less health-conscious lifestyle than that of their carnivorous peers. Presented with a degree of subtlety, the U of M study may just succeed not only as an indicator of larger body-image and confidence problems among teens who choose vegetarianism, but also as a warning shot for young vegetarians. You may think you’re eating healthfully by avoiding meat, but here are some low-protein pitfalls you could face: thin, brittle hair, bad skin, low energy. These are problems teenage girls care about and they could be massaged neatly into a palatable pro-meat message.

  2. Ryan

    Come on, now… does the “too little protein” thing have to come up yet again as an attempt at shooting down vegetarianism as a healthy eating choice?

    Protein is extremely easy to come by for vegetarians, and the fact is, most meat eaters get too MUCH protein, which can be a strain on the kidneys.

  3. supervegan

    This is just hilarious. Just a step up from the ridiculous “got milk” campaigns. I handed a “got milk” woman a full plate of her ass with all the trimmings when she came to my school to extoll the “benefits” of milk.
    I got in trouble for harrassing a school visitor, but she was pretty miffed after i fucked up her propaganda spew.

  4. matt

    I wrote them a question. Ill see if they reply and Ill post it if they do

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