Now THAT’S some cholesterol

Take the worst possible breakfast foods you can imagine and put them together in your head. Chances are it’s about only half as bad as the Hungry-Man All Day Breakfast. In this 1 1/2 lb. monstrosity of a meal you get three sausage links, two hash browns, some seriously foul looking bacon, three pancakes, and eggs.

But the nutrition facts are what are truly astounding: 1030 calories (over half of them from fat), 64 grams of fat (98% RDA) of which 21 grams aresaturated (104% RDA), 2090 mg of sodium (87%), and 22 grams of sugar. Ready for the kicker?

This “All Day Breakfast” has 690mg of cholesterol. If you’re keeping track, that’s 231% of the recommended daily allowance (which most people agree is already too high of an allowance). Perhaps the “All Day Breakfast” should be called the “2.3 Day Breakfast.” I think a diner breakfast would be like health food next to this mess of meat and greasy sludge.

The above linked article sums it up well: “Holy shit. Holy holy HOLY shit.”

(thanks, Paul)

Vegan Outreach

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Vegan Outreach is an outstanding resource with some of the most convicing arguments for veganism, presented in a non-judgemental, non-confrontational way. I recently subscribed to their e-mail newsletter Vegan Spam, which I look forward to every week. It provides some great tools for activists or those just looking for for information… the Vegan Starter Pack is especially useful.

Definitely one of those sites that will suck away a lot of your time away… and that’s a good thing.

Neglected Pigs Found and Saved (Mostly)


The SPCA found 128 sickly, neglected pigs on an Ashford, NY farm recently. The kind folks at the Farm Sanctuary are footing the bill until the pigs are nursed back to health and can be adopted (potential adoptees are being screened to make sure the pigs don’t end up at the slaughterhouse). Nine of the pigs had to be killed because they were in such poor health and another five died within a few days. The farm’s owner, Gerald Robert Nason Jr., is being charged with 120 counts of animal cruelty, each count carrying a maximum fine of $1,000 or a year in jail.

Mummifying chickens

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Sixth-graders learn about mummification

And how do they learn about mummification?

By stuffing chickens.

My reaction was, “What a waste.” Seriously: couldn’t they have found an alternative? Interestingly, they did find an alternative for a vegetarian student. The student, with the help of a vegetarian teacher’s aide, stuffed a squash.

I bet that student didn’t end up saying things like:

“It comes out the butt,” Arliene Posno, a sixth-grader in Everhart’s second-period class, called out to her teacher. “How are we supposed to stuff it if it comes out the butt?

Young Arliene was then told by her teacher that it was coming out of the neck and that “she was actually stuffing the chicken via the butt and not via the neck.”

Too weird.

Are Humans Meat-eaters by nature?

One of the comments I get frequently is that “humans are meat-eaters by nature, or else we wouldn’t have the sharp teeth we have for tearing flesh.” This particular argument’s always been flawed because our “sharp” teeth are really far from a true carnivore or omnivore’s equivalent. Nonetheless, for all I know, we could be “meant” to eat meat by our design, but none of the arguments I’ve heard have really swayed me. Not that it ever mattered to me anyway, and not that it would change my mind about how I, personally, want to eat.

Herbivore, Omnivore, or Carnivore? by Milton R. Mills, M.D. outlines the traits of typical plant-eaters, meat-eaters, and ominivores versus our own. His findings are interesting and summarized well at the end of the article. I’m not qualified to verify or debunk any of his logic, but it’s worth taking a look at.