Boy Burns Bird

A Long Island teeanger admitted to burning his pet family’s parakeet to death on New Year’s Eve. He sprayed the bird with hairspray and then lit it on fire, holding the bird’s carcass up and posing for pictures afterwards and then taking the bird to another party to show it off. The teen’s been charged with animal abuse and he admits that “it was probably the stupidest thing that [he’s] ever done in [his] life.” (via OS)

Veggie video games

Vegan Porn pointed out an interesting game in development: Steer Madness. The game is about “a steer who barely escaped the slaughterhouse.” You can “[e]xplore the city, interact with other characters, and play though the missions to save the environment and your fellow animals.” The game is non-violent, so I’m curious to see how enjoyable the end product really is (this is not to say a game has to be violent to fun…).

This screenshot amused me the most.