A Pair of Cow Stories


A pair of interesting cow-related stories in the news this week…

The first story comes from Vietnam, where seven cows wandered onto a Danang runway, delaying two flights and cancelling two others. The cows belonged to army units in the area and had broken free from their corrals. (via VP)

The second story involves a two-headed calf. In this rare physical anomaly, the calf was born with two faces,one brain, and three eyes. When the calf eats with one side of his mouth, the other moves as well. “Little Bud” would likely have died shortly after birth, but 17-year-old Bethany Goodermote took care of the newborn calf. Most calves with this deformity die, but Little Bud is doing well a month later and may survive, doctors say. (via OS)

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