Race to save wild horses in Nevada


Clock ticks on national effort to rescue horses

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that 800 wild horses roaming public land in Nevada are scheduled to be slaughtered by Thursday if they aren’t claimed. The United Equine Foundation and more than a dozen other horse rescue organizations are trying to get people to adopt these wild horses and save them from death. Hopefully they’ll be successful and can find homes for the majority of the horses.

More information is available at Habitat for Horses.

4 Responses to “Race to save wild horses in Nevada”

  1. sara

    i think they should be left in there normail habitat and left alone without hutnter trying to catch them

  2. alexis

    i think any person who kills horses is a murderer.i prefer that any person that does that should be fined.

  3. Terry

    I own several horses and have had a mustang under such circumstances. Horses are wonderful friends and deserve our help. If they are running out of habitat they should be adopted. Spread the word and try to help!!
    Thx for the post!

  4. Marissa and Renee

    All of those people are evil people who should be killed the way the horses were. I hope the people are found and are locked away forever.

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