“Extreme” teens more likely to smoke weed, be vegetarian


Tattoos linked to risk-taking behaviour

The general theme of this article is kind of interesting, if not terribly enlightening: “teens with body piercing and tattoos are risk takers who are more likely to be involved with cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana than teens without piercing or tattoos.” And within those two groups, the teens with tattoos live closer to the edge than those with just piercings. The study says that teens with tatoos are “64 per cent more likely to believe marijuana should be legalized.”

However, included in the so-called “risk-taking behaviour” is a vegetarian diet: “Teenagers with tattoos are … 53 per cent more likely to be vegetarians.” I realize this is likely presented as more of a “Hey, look at these kids, they have tattoos and they shun the societal norm of eating meat! They’re wacky!,” but with the headline as it is, vegetarianism is lumped in with drinking alcohol, smoking, and doing drugs. Oh, and with listening to all that crazy “Goth, Punk, Metal and Electronica” music.

<sarcasm>The kids today are just amazing with their wild music and weird dietary choices, aren’t they?</sarcasm>

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  1. Robert

    This sounds like it could be a story from biased religious media.

  2. Dan Ley

    This is kind of stupid. Although some of it does make sense. But thats like saying guys in the 1970,s who had long hair were more likely to be drug users then ones with short hair.It seems like it could be true but there is no valinity to it

  3. Anonymous

    grow weed

  4. soybean

    hehe…can’t say it’s not true in my case…I follow an “extreme diet” and have multiple piercings…marijuana…sure, legalize it!!!

  5. Dane

    I smoke weed every day, from when I wake up until I go to bed, I have short hair, no tattoos, or pircings. I never skip school, I never call into work, and I attend church regularly.
    I must be an exeption to the rule, because I smoke more weed than anyone I know, and none of these steriotypes hold true to me. Cant quite remember the last time I wasnt stoned, and I always get the munchies, eat meat, and listen to goth music.-Sarcasim-

  6. Raz

    Why should we all be fighting about the word of caya it is supposed to be a herbal drug helping you to live youre life. Stop the fighting LEGALIZE

  7. SubstituteMeatw/pot

    I like goth music…have 6 piercings…3 tatoos..have skipped school…but have never smoked pot in my life…so stop with the stereotypes!!!!!

  8. Argos

    Judging by sheer ‘looks’ of a person is easy, ignorant, and wrong. The social dangers of marijuana stem from the stereotypes percieved by its’ critics, and the stigma placed upon its’ users by the misinformed religious hypocrits. Not to mention the contradiction of legalities between marijuana and alcohol (the effects of alcohol being far more dire and health threatening). New research has even found that marijuana doesn’t ‘kill’ brain cells, only paralizes them for the short term. Legalizing marajuana could only do good things, and the Real Truth will keep more teens away from drugs then ignorant idle parental threats.

  9. SpaceBoy

    Whoever wrote the first comment… your a looser. Appearance has no connection with personality. If you believe it does then youve got the same disease as racists cos you only look skin deep and are extremely narrow minded. There’s nothing wrong with weed too. People make such a fuss over it just cos it’s illegal.

  10. Katie

    There are many many many people that smoke weed that have a regular diet and dont have piercings or tatoos. This article is one of the most sterotypical things I’ve even seen. I am a so called “stoner” but you know what no one knows, im a cheerleader, good student, have good college ambitions, i even volenteer in my community. The writer of this article should just sit down smoke a bowl and realize what he/she has wrote is one of the stupidest things ever. WEED SHOULD BE LEAGALIZED!!! Please get a gip on life!…..p.s.I wrote this @ 4:19…lol

  11. oo

    Legilize!!!!!!!!!!Ur all aloada cheeky ppl!I smoke loadsa weed,but i dont have a tat,im not vegaterian,im always at school,i dont drink n i dont smoke fags!HA!

  12. Johnny Poopstain

    You are all bad people! Bad! Smoke weed is bad! Crack rocks are bad!

  13. anna

    yeah ok what study shows teens who are more expressive about themselves are more likely to do drugs? i know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but yours sucks ass.

  14. stephan bennett

    i smoke weed all day long i always skip school i have 3 tats and i plan to have about 30 i dont drink or smoke cancer sticks i love music especally killswitch engage i stay out of jail and my grandma thinks i sell drugs

  15. hip hop

    all right the reason why weed is ilegal is because it makes u an individual and the goverment doest want individuals it wants sheep that will always follow its orders even if they are wrong. when u become an individual u rebel against whats wrong i mean look at 2 pac And Bob Marley.i didnt even read the article because i knew it was just going to say abunch of bull shit.i smoke weed every day and will keep on doing it till the day i die.

  16. char

    iam 16 smoke pot smoke ciggies skip school and i havent got any tats or peircings so your theory is bullshit so leave every one to them selfs instead of pushing silly lies in everyones faces

  17. Ryan

    My bigger concern is that young kids that smoke pot seem to think that I am responsible for the article I linked to.

    Sarcasm also seems to be lost on many of them.

  18. Jack

    smoke weed, it’s better than cigarettes


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