The Good and the Not-so-Good


Good news for those looking to add more whole grains to their diets: there’s finally a whole wheat pasta that tastes as good as “regular” pasta. The problem I’ve found in the past is that most whole wheat pasta is overly chewy, and somewhat mealy in texture. It generally tastes fine but there’s something a bit… off… about it. But recently I tried Bionaturae‘s organic whole wheat spaghettini. I don’t know whether it’s their method, or the fact their pasta was thinner than other spaghetti I’ve tried, but I was really impressed by its flavor and texture. After eating a meal with it, my wife and I both commented that we didn’t even notice we were eating whole wheat pasta. It’s one of those products that has the ability to make you change your habits; there’s no reason to avoid whole wheat pasta any longer, not when it tastes this good. Bionaturae also develops “regular” pasta and a few other types of whole wheat pasta (including linguini).

On the flipside of a coin, there’s a product that makes me wonder how it got onto the shelves. After trying and liking Veggie Booty, I was interested in giving Fruity Booty a shot. It has the corn-puff appearance you’d expect, flavored with a blend of orange, cherry, papaya, mango, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, pineapple, grape, and apple. Sounds pretty good, right? Let me tell you: it’s been a long time since I’ve tasted something this foul. The taste is slightly sour, slightly bitter, and all-together unpleasant. When I first tasted Veggie Booty, I had to adjust a bit to the spinachy flavor, but it only took a couple bites. After half a bag of Fruity Booty, I’m ready to throw in the towel.

Site news

The feature articles have now been imported into Movable Type, which means you can comment on them. The links have changed, but all old links should automatically redirect you to the new URL.

Several new features are “just about” done, including an interview and a pair of full-length cookbook reviews.

Also, the Moreover newsfeed that used to be on the left side of every page has been moved to the news page. I found that if the Moreover servers were slow, it caused the Veg Blog to be slow, so offloading the news feed to a separate page seemed to be the best solution. I hope to add some other news feeds to that page in the future as well, to make it a one-stop location for news of interest to vegetarians and vegans.

From the mouth of babes

My sister e-mailed me today about a conversation she had with my 4-year-old niece:

My sister: Jules, what is a vegetarian?

My niece: It means you don’t eat pepperoni.

I think the vegetarian movement has found a new slogan!