What happens to recalled meat?


Ever wonder what happens to the millions of pounds of meat that are recalled? Slate Answers: among other things, it’s set aside for “rendering into nonhuman protein sources— i.e., dog and livestock food.”

If you’re interested in reading more about Listeria, the food-borne bacteria that can be found in meat or on vegetables, see About-Listeria.com and the USDA’s site.

Another interesting fact about this most recent recall: according to Vegan.com, this particular recall “amounts to over two million birds slaughtered and thrown away.”

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  1. :::: rickey ::::

    what do you think
    of that new veggie book
    a bestseller in england
    “you don’t need meat”
    by peter cox,
    the famed british vegetarian…

  2. sarah

    are veg a high risk food

  3. Mark

    about the two million birds comment: were that meat actually thrown away, that would be the case. but the number of pounds recalled is the number they say should be/should have been recalled. by the time the recall goes out, most of it has already been consumed (that’s how the outbreak happened). Still more has been purchased, and people don’t know or don’t bother to return it. In all, a VERY small portion of the recalled amount is actually returned and destroyed/processed.

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