VB Now MT-powered


The Veg Blog has made the move from Blogger to Movable Type. Let me tell you: it was quite a process.

Importing the entries from Blogger to Movable Type wasn’t a big deal. Even importing the entries from dotcomments to Movable Type was pretty easy. What was a time suck was titling and categorizing 340 separate entries!

But, phase one (the most complex phase) of the transition is complete. Commenting is enabled and Trackback will be enabled from this post forward. What’s to come? I’m going to MT-ize the “Features” and “Recipes” sections, which will make life easier on me and allow you all to comment on specific features and recipes.

Posting should pick up signficantly in the coming weeks. Thanks for sticking around and continuing to support the Veg Blog for the past two years!

2 Responses to “VB Now MT-powered”

  1. Niki

    Hey, cool blog.

    I was just wondering how do you use a customized layout on a host like blogspot? Do you know or could you direct me to a site that could help me?

  2. Evo

    Welcome back, and welcome to the land of MT. I too recently did a swap over. No, not easy but well worth it!



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