Berkeley high school Dumps organic lunches


The Berkeley High School that decided to give organic lunches a shot are dropping the program, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The lunches weren’t very successful, with many students opting to go off-campus or for cheaper fast food for lunch. From the sounds of it, it wasn’t due to the quality of the food, but more because of poor marketing (many students didn’t even know about the organic food court) and certain logistic issues for the food providers.

The district’s superintendent is pushing for another shot at organic lunches, this time done properly. “I think this is a setback,” she said, “but we aren’t dissuaded from the goal of getting our students in the habit of eating healthier food.”

4 Responses to “Berkeley high school Dumps organic lunches”

  1. Paul

    That’s disappointing overall. I’d like to see schools put more effort into offering good, organic meals than selling junk food. It just needs to be made “cool”.

  2. Ron

    Its just a draw back of organic food that it costs more even if may be more nutritious. One size doesn’t fit all in a school district where not everyone wants to pay more for lunch and give up the movies or a new pair of athletic shoes.

  3. Alex

    It’s okay, let them go wherever they want for lunch. They should decide where they want to eat. It will cost so much money if the students buy organic lunch every day.

  4. Amber

    Schools should find a way to make the organic lunches more affordable to the students, and not offer so many other less healthy options, where as some kids might find this to be a bad thing, studies have shown that kids that eat healthier preform better in school and are happier overall aka less disapline problems in school and these are the reasons schools should try to find a way to offer organic food for a price kids can afford, and we should limit the other options because in todays society kids who have grown up on processed foods tend to like them more even though they are not healthy so limiting their options even though it seems kind of mean in way i guess its better for them overall, really i think people in general just need to be educated more on proper nutrition, i think it should be taught in schools just like science or math or english. way more than my two cents

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