Organic news roundup


There have been a number of articles worth noting about organic farming recently:

In Toxic to the Tongue, the Village Voice‘s Lenora Todaro takes a look at Fatal Harvest, a tome quite omptimistic about organic farming’s future and quite pessimistic about modern industrial farming’s effects on our current food supply.

Frankenfoods Get Funkier takes another look GM foods. “Opposition to GM crops is first and foremost a political stance against the industrialization of our food supply and the takeover of agriculture by big business.”

Perhaps the most surprising is the positive look at organic farming in this week’s issue of Newsweek. The author’s consensus is pretty much in line with my own on the matter: organic food tastes better, is better for the environment, but may or may not be more nutritious/safe for you. One fact that blew my mind: pesticides kill 67 million American birds each year. Fred Kirschenmann of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture in Ames, Iowa says, “Conventional agriculture still delivers cheap, abundant food, but when you factor in the government subsidies and the environmental costs, it gets very expensive. We’re drawing down our ecological capital. At some point, the systems will start to break down.”

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