Vienna Vegetable Orchestra… no kidding


It’s a rare occurrence that I find an item that can be featured on both the Veg Blog and one of my music review sites at the same time… I present: the first vienna vegetable orchestra.

Yes, you read that right: an orchestra playing instruments made of vegetables (and occasionally kitchen utensils). After the instruments are used, they are then made into soup. I’m not kidding.

But, hey—if people make drums out of animal skins, why not make instruments out of vegetables, right? A very cool concept with a very strange sound.

2 Responses to “Vienna Vegetable Orchestra… no kidding”

  1. Lex

    i was wondering if there was any way i could listen to the vegetable orchestra? if so please email me back and say how…thank you.

  2. mal Rogers

    Are you going on tour? When are you coming to Ireland?

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