Corporate ownership of vegetarian companies, take 2


Marla Rose from Vegan Street wrote in to mention a page she has up on her site detailing the corporate buyout of vegetarian companies. Among the more disturbing (aside from the previously mentioned LightLife buyout by ConAgra): Boca is owned by Kraft (which is owned by Phillip Morris). I had no idea.

Not listed on the page, but mentioned the e-mail I received: a personal favorite, Seeds of Change is owned by M&M/Mars.

Being a conscientious consumer is getting harder and harder…

3 Responses to “Corporate ownership of vegetarian companies, take 2”

  1. Paul

    Boca I knew about; it is a little more surprising to read that Cascadian Farms is a General Mills joint. Jeani and I noticed their new packaging at the store just the other day.

    Gardenburger has really great new packaging, by the way.

  2. Human B Leever

    Soon we will be able to eat nothing with a clean conscience…BTW thanks for the vegan bondage link, I have borrowed the link for a friend of mine…

  3. Sarah Kelly

    Hello. I am a year 10 pupil at tudhoe grange comprehensive school, currently under going my food technology coursework. i have chosen to do a vegetarian meal and i was wondering if any one could help me find some information to complete my research. any suggestions welcome.
    yours sincerely sarah
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