Vegan cyclist, 70, rides 100 miles a day

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Jason R., a reader, passed along a great story from my former neck-of-the-woods: En route to healthy living aboard his trusty bicycle.

70-year-old Bill Cotton is an avid bicyclist that recently rode 340 miles in 40 hours, all in one trip. Cotton coverted to an almost entirely vegan diet about four years ago and rides about 100 miles a week. “My barbecue ribs are the best in the world, but I don’t cook them anymore” … “Instead, he satisfies his palate with cheesecake and bread pudding made from tofu.”

Surely, an inspiring story of someone who eats well and takes care of himself, even in old age.

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  1. Ann Caughran

    WOW!! What a great story! He really looks great, never guess he’s 70! I’ve got the vegan at home part mostly down, now gotta work on the exercise part!

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