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This past weekend my wife and I tried Amy’s Kitchen Roasted Vegetable Pizza, a no cholesterol, cheeseless, vegan pizza using a number of organic ingredients. We were both very pleased with the pizza: the crust was tasty and the onions, artichokes, roasted red peppers, shiitake mushrooms, and garlic made for a very unique flavor. It definitely didn’t taste like something from the freezer section.

However, I came across an interesting fact online: Amy’s “No Cheese” Pizza (which seems to have been renamed as the Roasted Vegetable Pizza) was marketed as vegan but contained honey. It appears that the company was responsive, though. A quick look at the Roasted Vegetable Pizza confirms that it is indeed vegan, with no honey. However, their Soy Cheeze Pizza contains milk derivatives and their non-dairy pot pie contains honey. Perhaps if enough people contacted them, they would consider veganizing these products as well.

Amy’s web site does a great job pointing out which products are and aren’t vegan and now defines vegan as “products [that] contain no dairy or honey.

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  1. Mindy Delaney

    My son and I enjoy Amy’s Soy Cheese Pizza. We buy it at the Food Co-op here in Knoxville, TN.
    My son has a bad reaction to dairy, so I try to eat the same foods he does so he will not feel so singled out. Is there a website where I can request Amy’s Brand coupons?

  2. Alison

    I am a frozen pizza addict and used to buy Amy’s on a regular basis until I came across American Flatbread. I bought it at a Whole Foods Market in the Los Angeles area. Granted it’s not vegan, but all of the flavors are pure vegetarian with all natural ingredients. The pizzas have wacky names like “Revolution” with organic mushrooms and onions on it. They are very light and crisp and cook up really fast which is great because my family hardly allows me time to prepare dinner. My other favorite flavor is the Ionian Awakening with kalamata olives, feta and red onions.

  3. Howie Jacobson, PhD

    I learned a great vegan pizza trick from Jon Hinds, owner of the Monkey Bar Gym in Madison, WI. He takes a couple of pizza shells from Vicolo (in the freezer section at Whole Foods and other natural foods markets), throws on some marinara in which he’s cooked some veggies, cuts up a Tofurky sausage or kielbasa, and sprinkles a little vegan cheese on top.

    He likes his spicy, with some hot pepper sesame oil drizzed over the whole thing. My kids love the marinara just with spinach (fresh or frozen) and Follow Your Heart cheese.

    The next level is to use a thin wrap, and really pile on the veggies.

    The goal should be to get away from processed foods altogether. Pizza shells and fake cheese and meat are fine transitional strategies, but real vegans have got to rise to the occasion and strive to eat a whole-foods, plant-based diet.

    For ourselves, for the animals, and for the environment.

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