Barbecued Kitten Value Menu


Barbecued Kitten Value Menu

An excellent article (written by a non-vegetarian, presumably) that talks about that horrible kitten barbecuing incident and asks the question: why is that worse than what happens to thousands upon thousands of farm animals every single day? This will make you think, no doubt. (

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  1. Amy

    One of the most confusing and bewildering things I experience on a regular basis is the indignation of someone complaining of the mistreatement of a cat or dog, explaing their outrage to me while chomping on a cheeseburger. It just makes no sense.

    I’ve got a friend who once described herself to me as an “animal rights activist” – as she got out a package of ground beef to make her family’s dinner. I pointed out the disconnect to her, and she said (I’m not kidding), “Oh, when I buy the styrofoam and plastic container in the store, I don’t really think of it as a cow.” I bet the cow does, honey.

    But, to be honest, I know that we’re not going to turn the whole country vegetarian. Ain’t gonna happen. So I’m glad that the disconnect is there, if it means that instead of also ignoring the abuse of the cats and dogs, we at least have a collective societal horror at those stories. Better that than nothing, I guess.

    (Geez, I couldn’t even finish reading either of those articles. Ugh.)

  2. maxwell

    Well, I, um, for one, think that that Mark guy is totally on the money. What if companies, as advertisements or otherwise, were forced to show how their product was made on the teevee. I mean, putting a sentient being on anything really hot against their will is awful (ie the kitten), but people freak because a) a kitten is an being that people can connect with via pet-ization and 2) it was drunken inbreds (or worse, drunken citizens) losing control of their destructivist animal instinct that constitutes their inherent evilness. These were just irrelevent schmos, not paid pros, that were killing an kitten for no reason. The pros kill for the economy and for people’s diets, supposedly. So the x-factor in the kitten case as public sympathy goes is the total unneccesity. Either way, both instances (kitten and mass food production) make me ill.

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