Beef recall expanded


Recall of Contaminated Beef Expanded to 18 Million Pounds

Stories like this remind me again why I don’t eat meat. Of course, if the slaughterhouses weren’t so dangerous, their workers so overworked, and the cattle so mistreated and pumped full of antibiotics, this might not happen.

Then again, maybe it would.

3 Responses to “Beef recall expanded”

  1. Terry M.

    Since when are vegetarians immune to E Coli? The most massive E Coli outbreak in recent years was from Odwalla apple juice which killed one child, and made dozens of people very sick, all because Odwalla refused to pasteurize their juice. They performed a massive recall of millions of units in order to prevent harming to more people. At least with ground beef you know if you cook it properly before eating it, there is no problem even if it is contaminated. Who cooks their apple juice?

  2. Ryan

    By no means are they immune, but the problem is much more widespread amongst meat simply because of the slaughtering process… I’ve read some pretty high estimates (I want to say 75%, but I’m not positive about that) with regards to how much meat actually is actually affected by E. coli at some point, and is only killed by the (apparently imperfect) processes in the slaughterhouse or cooking.

  3. John

    Better stop eating lettuce too. Outbreaks of e. coli on lettuce will probably become even more common if the “organic” kooks get their way.

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