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I’ve been meaning to welcome new Veg Blog readers from Nava Altas’ In a Vegetarian Kitchen. The Veg Blog was featured as the “Site of the Month” in her most recent newsletter. That means a lot to me… Nava, as you may know, is an author of a number of vegetarian cookbooks and writes reguarly for the VRG’s Vegetarian Journal. She’s been a great supporter of the Veg Blog and it’s always fun to chat with her on e-mail. If you haven’t checked out her site, take some time to do so. She has some great recipes and tips for new vegetarians well worth checking out.

On an unrelated note: the Vegetarian Resource Group has redesigned their web site! I was really happy to see the clean new look, as I’ve always thought their site was about five years behind the curve in terms of design, which was a shame because of the wealth of content. Check out their new site and browse their extensive archive of information.

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