TIME covers vegetarianism


TIME Magazine‘s cover article this week is “Should You be a Vegetarian?.” Of course, my answer to this thought-provoking question is “Hell no! Why would you want to do something like that?” :)

Their look at veganism, unfortunately, will do nothing to erase the misconception that you’re vegetarian if you eat chicken or fish, but otherwise is a relatively balanced look at the issue. One quote I like: “It takes constant vigilance and a thick skin.” Yeah… especially when reading quotes like this: “We would never have evolved as large, socially active hominids if we hadn’t turned to meat.”

Overall, a good take on things. One thing I would like to have seen more of: a discussion of the better vegetarian, vegan, and raw restaurants and a few recipes for newbies to try.

And a final interesting note: on the site’s poll, 3/4 of the takers believe that a “well-balanced vegetarian diet” is healthier than a meat-based diet.

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  1. johanna

    i also didn’t like how they insinuated that being vegetarian & an athlete was near-incompatible… what about carl lewis, etc.???

  2. Ryan

    Yeah, that was kind of an odd assertation. Being vegetarian and an athelete’s not a problem, if you eat cheese and eggs. Being a vegan athlete takes a little more planning and effort, but hardcore athletes are very conscious about their diet anyway. Vegetables don’t have that many calories, but eating enough nuts and grains should counterbalance that, I’d think.

    I wonder what Carl Lewis’ current diet is… he was a vegan for a year, but that kind of implies he’s not anymore…

  3. Amy

    Don’t forget Martina Navritalova. Talk about evidence agains the waify, wasted away vegetarian myth.

    I’m a cycling nut, and there are some very serious cyclists out there who are vegetarian. I even remember during last year’s Tour de France, arguably one of the toughest athletic events in the world, seeing coverage of some of the cyclists who were vegetarian. (Though for the life of me I can’t remember who.)

    To see a list of athletes who are vegetarian, check this page: http://www.ivu.org/people/sports/index.html

    (What a great find, stumbling across this blog. Yay!)

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