National Vegetarian Week


July 8th-14th is National Vegetarian Week, proclaims the The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom. Now’s the chance to try making a change in your diet, if you already haven’t… and if this is the type of thing that would inspire you to do so.

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  1. Susie Smith

    Dear Friend,

    You may not be aware but it is National Vegetarian Week between the 24th and 30th May 2004 (e.g., this week!) If you visit our web site at, you can download our most recent press releases and all the info you may want about National Vegetarian Week 2004, and possibly update the details above(which currently refer to Veg Week 2004!)

    Best wishes,

    Susie Smith
    The Vegetarian Society

  2. Ryan

    That is the nature of a blog, Susie! :)

    Thank you, though, for providing information about this year’s National Vegetarian Week. I’ll add a link to the front page.

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