Detroit Free Press on veganism pointed out this great article from the Detroit Free Press: Hungry for Vegetarian: Vegan lifestyle satisfying. It’s an unusually positive spin on veganism, showing that it is a reasonable way to live and raise a family, if it’s done right. I smiled when I read the seven-year-old daughter’s comments about kale: “I don’t think anyone in the whole school knows about kale, and they should. It’s soooooooo good. The water goes into the kale when you cook it, and when you eat into it, it ruuuuuuns down your face. I love it! It’s great!”

If only everyone could be so enthusiastic about eating their vegetables!

Amy’s Pizzas


This past weekend my wife and I tried Amy’s Kitchen Roasted Vegetable Pizza, a no cholesterol, cheeseless, vegan pizza using a number of organic ingredients. We were both very pleased with the pizza: the crust was tasty and the onions, artichokes, roasted red peppers, shiitake mushrooms, and garlic made for a very unique flavor. It definitely didn’t taste like something from the freezer section.

However, I came across an interesting fact online: Amy’s “No Cheese” Pizza (which seems to have been renamed as the Roasted Vegetable Pizza) was marketed as vegan but contained honey. It appears that the company was responsive, though. A quick look at the Roasted Vegetable Pizza confirms that it is indeed vegan, with no honey. However, their Soy Cheeze Pizza contains milk derivatives and their non-dairy pot pie contains honey. Perhaps if enough people contacted them, they would consider veganizing these products as well.

Amy’s web site does a great job pointing out which products are and aren’t vegan and now defines vegan as “products [that] contain no dairy or honey.

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I’ve been meaning to welcome new Veg Blog readers from Nava Altas’ In a Vegetarian Kitchen. The Veg Blog was featured as the “Site of the Month” in her most recent newsletter. That means a lot to me… Nava, as you may know, is an author of a number of vegetarian cookbooks and writes reguarly for the VRG’s Vegetarian Journal. She’s been a great supporter of the Veg Blog and it’s always fun to chat with her on e-mail. If you haven’t checked out her site, take some time to do so. She has some great recipes and tips for new vegetarians well worth checking out.

On an unrelated note: the Vegetarian Resource Group has redesigned their web site! I was really happy to see the clean new look, as I’ve always thought their site was about five years behind the curve in terms of design, which was a shame because of the wealth of content. Check out their new site and browse their extensive archive of information.