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At a housewarming party last weekend, Alex brought along Veat Fillet, a vegetarian salmon. I’ll admit: I’ve never tried faux-fish. I wasn’t much of a fan of regular fish to begin with, but I was obliged to give the Veat a shot. After all, the company’s done well with chicken, so maybe they managed to get a pretty close approximation of (my least favorite of all seafood) salmon.

While it’s not the most appealing looking item, I was impressed with how similar it tasted to salmon. The consistency was a little bit off, and the seaweed skin was a bit strange at first, but the flavor was a goog imitation. And while it doesn’t offer up much in the way of Omega-3s, like many fish, it’s 15 grams of protein gave it a little bit of a nutritional punch.

The Veat Fillet is vegetarian, but not vegan (it has whey protein) and can be found at many health food stores.

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  1. Phillip Gaynor

    I am a keen user of “whey protein” in my foods as I am a veggie and its a excellent source of protein. I add it to most foods including flapjacks etc.. I get mine from and I have been very happy with the extra protein I am consuming.

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