Salon interviews Ted Nugent


The Salon interview with Ted Nugent that everyone seems to be linking to is interesting: both sides seem to consider it a great article because it proves their point. While his arguments against factory farming are familiar to ethical vegetarians: “Chickens are incarcerated; some are more feces-pecking, deathrow toxic than others”, his opinion on vegetarians is also made painfully clear: “Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians — except for the occasional mountain lion steak.”

At least he plants trees, though, right? … Right?

4 Responses to “Salon interviews Ted Nugent”

  1. Ann Caughran

    thanks for the link! what a nit-wit!

  2. JeanNINE

    That’s hilarious. But you know, I DO applaud him for speaking out against factory animal production…he’s still such a whack-job, though! Sheesh.

  3. sam smith

    The Nuge is polemicist, plan and simple. When we attempt to pick the pearls from his dead oyster discourse, we bring him in from the fringe and into some semblance of legitimacy. Whatever good things he says are ineluctably overshadowed by his overt racism* and generally abstracted understanding of the world. We would do well to leave that Neanderthal hunting and painting the walls of his cave..alone.
    **see his “Thrasher” interview where he disparages skater Don Nguyen as a “tunnel-digging monkey.” Don then took the nickname “the Nuge” as a touch of irony.

  4. Jarrod Miller

    I think Mr. Nugent is racist. I think he is racist against lazy assed losers who have absolutely no respect for no one and no thing, including themselves. I don’t agree with this websites opinions, but I atleast have enough respect to refrain from calling you all racist. Mainly because I don’t know you. Show a little respect. Responsibility has to come along with freedom.

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