Fresh summertime herbs


The Washington Post has a good article on fresh summertime herbs that’s worth reading. The included recipes aren’t vegan, but most of them are vegetarian.

The truest phrase in the article: “[Cilantro] is the herb with which people have a love or hate relationship; there is no middle ground.”

2 Responses to “Fresh summertime herbs”

  1. jen

    Thanks for the pointer! I’m always on the lookout for fresh herbs. We’re currently growing some cilantro on our kitchen window sill and it should be ready for harvesting some leaves any time now.

  2. Ann Caughran

    i personally come down on the LOVE IT side! when i first tried cilantro, i thought it was really noxious, but i tried it again, and eventually became quite enamored! if at first you don’t like it, try, try again!

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