Palo Alto goes organic


Palo Alto chews on organic school lunches: Pupils give a thumbs-up to meatless meal options

While I think that the switch in Palo Alto school lunches to organic foods is a good thing, I’m even happier that they’re making such strong efforts to provide vegetarian options to the kids.

The elementary school students gave the proposed fare a taste-test. Much of the food got very high praise from the kids: “Compared to our regular lunches, this is kings’ food,” said one fifth grader. “Our chicken nuggets are like grease balls. The thousand island dressing tastes like vinegar. And the pizza’s like cardboard—you could play Frisbee with it.”

Another specifically praised the school’s proposed meatless selections, “I’m a vegetarian and sometimes when I ask for cheese pizza, they’ll give me some with pepperoni on it.”

Only in Palo Alto would they be able to afford an all-organic program, and I don’t think this is necessarily where other schools need to focus, but I’d love to see other schools in the country making a move towards healthier selections and more varied vegetarian options. Bring on the Boca Burgers!

(via VegSource)

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