In your grocer’s freezer: unfresh meat


Is the meat, poultry and fish you buy as fresh as you think?

I bet you can guess the answer to this Dateline question.

According to this report, some of the United States’ largest grocery chains are extending the sell-by dates on meat. “Pathmark says if the meat doesn’t sell [after the initial sell-by date but less 72 hours after being cut], they re-inspect the meat and re-date it. How are you supposed to know if the meat you’re buying has been re-dated? Pathmark admits, you can’t.” That’s comforting.

Even more comforting: it’s not against the law: “The dating of product is voluntary. Stores can legally, according to the 1972 Department of Agriculture law, rewrap and re-date meat.”

I haven’t watched the video of this yet, but after reading the transcript, I’m looking forward to it: there looks to be a lot of squirming and agitation of the people being questioned about this disturbing (but not at all surprising) practice.

3 Responses to “In your grocer’s freezer: unfresh meat”

  1. Ann Caughran

    very disturbing, but not surprising. the jungle lives on. i feel that even though i don’t buy meat/fish/chicken at any of these stores, i may have to reconsider making any other purchases there at all. fortunately, most of the items i do buy at regular groceries are available at drugstores.

  2. John S.

    Saw this program. If any vegetarians watched it and breathed a sigh of relief, they shouldn’t. The program made me wonder what other deceptive practices supermarkets engage in. What about “organic” produce? Can we trust any labels at all?

  3. Layne =]

    Well this really is disturbing. but why does it matter to me ? I am a 13 year old vegetarian for reasons like this and because why should animals be tourtred just to make us the most obese country ? There is no reasons hopefully blogs like these will make you think.

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