Sgt. Sausage Slaughter


If you want to never be tempted to eat sausage again, click here. The images containted therein are not for the squeamish. (Metafilter)

4 Responses to “Sgt. Sausage Slaughter”

  1. Jeani

    By no means am I attempting to turn this into a meat-eater vs. veggie argument, but that link didn’t turn me off to sausage. Yes, it’s a bit gross to see how a pig is turned into sausage meat. But I can respect that process because it was entered into by a family of Romanians who raised the pig for meat, (probably) treated it well, slaughtered it themselves, and processed the slaughtered pig into their own sausage.

    I suppose it comes down to whether you believe it is always wrong to eat animals (as many vegetarians do) or whether you believe it is wrong to eat animals that have been treated poorly (as I do).

  2. Ryan

    Good point, Jeani. Since I’m not comfortable eating animals, no matter how they were raised, the pictures of a pig being slaughtered made me cringe. Looking through your eyes, though, yes — this is a significantly more humane way of making sausage than is done in factory farms.

  3. ConsciousMother

    Actually, what grossed me out the most was the pic of the chickens drinking the pig’s blood. THAT was disgusting.

  4. David

    I do agree with Jeani that there isn’t anything wrong with eating meat unless it is raised and killed in such terrible conditions such as factory farms and slaughter houses. keep up the awsome work, and tell more people about factory farms. I know I will.

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