Avian Flu outbreak forces slaughter of chickens and urkeys


Striking close to home: Avian Flu Outbreak Forces Slaughter of 3.2 Million Chickens, Turkeys

We read last year about the destruction of 16,000 chickens in Connecticut for the same thing. The article stresses that “birds with the virus pose no health threat to humans, but it stunts the birds’ growth and limits their capacity to lay eggs, hurting market value.” To top it all off, one of the recent tornados in the area tore apart one of the turkey houses beyond any possibility of being salvaged.

2 Responses to “Avian Flu outbreak forces slaughter of chickens and urkeys”

  1. JeanNINE

    That makes me SOOOOO sad. – As does SO MUCH in our world these days.

  2. Lila Pinnix

    I think that any kind of animal cruelty that goes on is done be a sick indivudal. I think that it is horrible the things that go on out there and something needs to be done about it.

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