In your grocer’s freezer: unfresh meat


Is the meat, poultry and fish you buy as fresh as you think?

I bet you can guess the answer to this Dateline question.

According to this report, some of the United States’ largest grocery chains are extending the sell-by dates on meat. “Pathmark says if the meat doesn’t sell [after the initial sell-by date but less 72 hours after being cut], they re-inspect the meat and re-date it. How are you supposed to know if the meat you’re buying has been re-dated? Pathmark admits, you can’t.” That’s comforting.

Even more comforting: it’s not against the law: “The dating of product is voluntary. Stores can legally, according to the 1972 Department of Agriculture law, rewrap and re-date meat.”

I haven’t watched the video of this yet, but after reading the transcript, I’m looking forward to it: there looks to be a lot of squirming and agitation of the people being questioned about this disturbing (but not at all surprising) practice.

An Indian perspective on vegetarianism

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One more post today…

I got an e-mail the other day from a new Veg Blog reader named Sanjeev Singhal and he passed along his thoughts about vegetarianism. What makes his perspective particularly interesting is that he was raised vegetarian, then ate meat for ten years, and has now given it up again. Below is his e-mail, edited slightly for readability.

I grew up without egg or meat. No animal, bird, fish or any thing that crawls, swim, walk or fly was ever going to be eaten in our house. That is still the rule. If anyone was to eat meat, [they] might as well leave our family. However, going to college changed that for me. As part of teenage revolt, I started eating meat. For about 10 years I ate it, ate everything that was served on my plate in restaurants. Then about 2 years ago I gave it up. Completely. I still occasionally eat eggs. I do drink milk. Where i grew up in india, drinking milk was not [an] issue of animal abuse. [The] guy who brought us milk kept his buffalo in his house. One might be stickler about such things, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. [The] problem here [is] that some animal groups talk about industrial abuse of animals in dairy industry … which wasn’t there in traditional culture where relationship with animals is much more symbiotic.

In terms of being able to turn into vegetarian in this country have only partly to do with giving up meat. It has more to do with COOKING or NOT COOKING habits then eating. Most people most of the time do not prepare food at home. What you get in restaurants in the name of vegetatrian is hard to swallow. That is [why] there [is] resistance in turning away from meats. For example there are more then 50 different ways of cooking potatoes, without much fat or without any meat or dairy at all. Tasting very different but people do not want to take time or FEEL they do not have time to prepare their food themselves … Vegetarian food is not only healthy, it tastes far better then any meat that I have ever had. And trust me I have had plenty.

Haught Cuisine


A few days ago, Katherine pointed out Haught Cuisine to me and I was mighty impressed. It’s an attractive, well-written blog of vegetarian and vegan recipes that I will certainly make part of my daily rounds. And to top it off, it’s written by Veg Blog regular Christiane.

There need to be more vegetarian-focused blogs… some variety. I was starting to feel lonely. :)

Posting recipes

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As you may have noticed, I don’t post many of the recipes that I discuss, mainly because I was concerned about copyright violation… turns out, I might not need to worry about it. Individual recipes cannot be copyrighted (because the list of ingredients how to prepare them are considered “ideas” which can’t be copyrighted), but a collection of them can. So, while reprinting a substantial portion of a cookbook isn’t acceptible, recipes can be. Taking this into consideration, I will likely start reprinting the recipes that I try here on the blog so I can share them with you all.

On an unrelated note: those of you that have expressed interest in the “one day a week” group I mentioned last week will be hearing from me within the next couple of days.