Veggay Bootay


Alex was nice enough to buy me a bag of Veggie Booty recently. Despite the bizarre marketing behind this product, it’s mighty tasty (imagine a more popcorn-like rice cake with actual flavor), and pretty darn healthy, too. There’s no saturated fat, very little sodium (70mg), and a nice little dose of fiber and vitamin C. While it’s probably not the ideal way to get your leafy greens (it’s flavored with spinach, kale, etc.), you could do worse, that’s for sure.

What’s odd is the number of people that have heard of Veggie Booty—I mentioned it to several people and they all said, “Oh, yeah! I’ve seen that before.” None of them had actually tried it, though.

Hitler: not vegetarian


Why Hitler Was Not a Vegetarian

Some information to debunk the long-standing, popular myth.

“Under the headline, ‘Don’t Put Hitler Among the Vegetarians,’ the correspondent (Richard Schwartz, author of Judaism and Vegetarianism) pointed out that Hitler would occasionally go on vegetarian binges to cure himself of excessive sweatiness and flatulence, but that his main diet was meat-centered.”

Soup and kosher kitchens

Last night I was checking out my referrer logs and came across The Kosher Kitchen’s Veggie Patch, a new weblog that features periodic recipes. I decided to try the vegan Cream of Tomato Soup with Orzo recipe from Vegetarian Times. I’m happy to report that though it wasn’t a one-pot recipe, it was easy to make and tasted great. Plus, us men can’t get enough tomatoes in our diet.

It’s funny—it wasn’t long ago that the only soup I would eat was chicken noodle (and I abhorred tomato-based soups), but these days, there’s nothing more satisfying than trying a new soup recipe. This one is well worth trying since, unlike many soup recipes, it took less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook.