Veggay Bootay


Alex was nice enough to buy me a bag of Veggie Booty recently. Despite the bizarre marketing behind this product, it’s mighty tasty (imagine a more popcorn-like rice cake with actual flavor), and pretty darn healthy, too. There’s no saturated fat, very little sodium (70mg), and a nice little dose of fiber and vitamin C. While it’s probably not the ideal way to get your leafy greens (it’s flavored with spinach, kale, etc.), you could do worse, that’s for sure.

What’s odd is the number of people that have heard of Veggie Booty—I mentioned it to several people and they all said, “Oh, yeah! I’ve seen that before.” None of them had actually tried it, though.

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  1. maggie

    I love the veggie booty!! that stuff rules… I love the pirate booty too when I need to change things up.

  2. Paul

    The Pirate’s Booty, by the same company, is pretty good. They have a whole line of products – some are available at Trader Joe’s.

  3. Jen

    I think I want to try the fruity booty, but I always chicken out. I don’t know why since I love pirate’s booty!

  4. johanna

    weird… you can get veggie booty (& the other robert’s products) all over the place here in ny, @ regular delis & such. i assumed it was a national thing, but maybe it’s just branching out now?

  5. Ryan

    That would be cool, Johanna. When they appear in the local Giant, I’ll be a happy, happy man! :)

  6. Alex

    I haven’t tried Pirate’s or Fruit Booty yet. Veggie Booty needs to be sold everywhere. Booty for all.

  7. Sandy

    Pirate’s Booty got very hot last year as a healthy snack. Unfortunately, they’ve changed the formula and while it’s still healthier than a lot of junk, it’s not as great as Veggie Booty. If you can’t find them in a store, you can order them online directly from the manufacturer.

  8. mari

    Wish I could find Fruit Booty. I love it as well as all the rest of the products but that was my favorite. Is it off the market?

  9. Summer

    My kids love veggie booty. I send it in their lunches. I wonder if the other kids wonder what it is? Heh. Weird vegan food for us freaks, I guess. :)

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