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We hadn’t made our own pizza in a while, so last week we fired up the oven and put together the best nearly-vegan pizza we’ve made yet. I tell you, I’m loving Veganrella‘s flexibility more and more. It worked great on the pizza. We only used one kind of faux meat (Safeway’s soy selection was pretty poor): chopped up Momo’s Veggielicious Drummettes, which were quite good, even without the sauce. We used no dairy except for the bit that was already in the Boboli pizza crust. Anyone have a tried and true vegan pizza crust recipe that you’d sell your soul for?

The Veganrella also came in handy last night when I made Rice and Peas with Curry Cheese Sauce from Nava AtlasVegetariana. It took a little while to make, but most of the time was spent cooking the rice. The curry cheese sauce was mighty good, and I used Veganrella with great results. This stuff would be excellent over some steamed broccoli. The final result was a tasty, but relatively mellow, blend of Indian spices (tumeric, cumin, etc.) and easy to find ingredients. This was another “not-quite-vegan” dish, as I used a 1/2 cup of plain yogurt (I couldn’t find plain soy yogurt).

Cheaper insurance for vegetarians

If you haven’t heard, some insurance firms in the UK are giving discounts to vegetarians because they’re likely to “take health matters more seriously and are less likely to be taken ill…” See “Veggies travel cheaper” for an overview of one company that’s discounting their travel insurance for vegetarians.

The most interesting part of this article, though, talks about what could be dubbed “falling coconut insurance.” Yup: they’ll insure you against falling coconuts. According to the article, each year 150 people are killed by falling coconuts and another 1,000 are injured.

A coupla’ tales from a reader


A reader of my journal wrote in and passed along some interesting stories…

The first is about a woman that was talking to patient who had just had open heart surgery. The woman told the patient the health benefits of eating a vegetarian diet when the patient told the woman that her doctor said that it’s “OK to eat steak, just don’t eat the whole cow.” It’s amazing, and frightening, that a doctor would say this to someone who just had open heart surgery.

The reader also mentioned a vegan friend whose family went out for a steak dinner to celebrate the success of his mother’s quadruple bypass surgery. Can you imagine? That’s like going to a cigar bar to celebrate a successful operation for throat cancer.

McDonald’s suit just about settled

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Remember the suit against McDonald’s for their use of beef tallow in cooking their fries? Well, it’s just about settled. The proposed settlement, according to a “confidential draft” calls for McDonald’s to pay $6 million to vegetarian charities, $2 million to Hindu/Sikh groups, $1 million to promote children’s hunger relief, and $1 million to support kosher dietary practices. The settlement also calls for apologies in various magazines and for McDonald’s to form an advisory board to counsel the company on vegetarian issues. Beyond that, $2.4 million would go to the plaintiff’s attorneys. It’s important to note that McDonald’s “does not admit to any wrongdoing.” (Thanks to Paul for pointing this out.)