Claim: vegetarian dogs live longer


I lied—here’s another link: Stephanie Burns thinks that vegetarian dogs live longer

It’s not exactly statement based on thorough research, but get this: her vegetarian dog is 23 years old. Isn’t that some kind of record?

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  1. Katherine

    I think the record is 29 years – an Australian cattle dog. And, for a small dog such as a terrier-schnauzer mix, 23 isn’t that far out of the question. A Great Dane at 23, sure. Anyway, there are a lot of debates about the best way to feed dogs… ranging from Ol’ Roy dog food at Wal-Mart (which almost no one believes is good nutrition – but it’s cheap) to whole host of premium foods such as Wellness, Innova, Canidae, etc… many of which at least have human-grade ingredients in them, rather than leftover “parts.” Then there are those who feed the BARF (bones and raw food) diet. But I’ve never heard vegetarianism discussed in the dog world, other than to point out that baby carrots make good treats and canned green beans are a good weight loss tool. I would imagine the counter-argument would be that since dogs are basically domesticated wolves, a vegetarian diet would be “unnatural.” This begs for a research study. :)

  2. Dana Travers, DVM

    Even though evolved from wolves, dogs are opportuistic eaters, and have fed at Man’s table for over 12,000 years. As such they’ve adapted to an omnivorous diet and are not obligate carnivores. They can live very healthy lives on a vegetarian diet and need no special foods, just the same varied, healthy diets humans enjoy.

  3. anneh

    I would like to switch my dog to a more vegetarian diet (I am vegetarian)but he cannot have wheat/soy/corn altho he could have brown rice. He is currently eat raw meat/raw veggies with fruits/nuts/seeds as treats but would like to at least cut back on meat.

  4. Jamie

    I’ve started a vegan dog blog to document what my dog likes and dislikes in his vegan diet.

  5. mary

    I am a raw food vegetarian. I owned a sheepdog. At about 3 or 4 I switched her to a raw food diet.

    She ate a large bowl of grated corn, carrot, beet, potato, green beans, snow peas, peas, wheat sprouts,

    apple, several types of other sprouts, 3 types of lettuce, sprouted beans, green pepper, 3 raw eggs, some

    untoasted peanut, cashew, or almond butter, a lot of cold pressed oil, and any other grated vegetable I

    was eating at the time. I added ground, untoasted seeds, sesame or sunflower. When I didn’t put enough

    oil, her tooth became loose. I increased the oil and the tooth was no longer loose in about 3 days.

    One day she wasn’t hungry. I took her outside to urinate and 20 corn worms came out of her. They

    looked exactly like the worms found on a cob of corn. They were multiplying inside her. She was 14 and

    had never been sick. She was the healthiest dog imaginable. I was terrified and took her to the vet. It was

    too late. She died that night. Watch for this if you have a vegetarian pet. I don’t understand this, but want

    everyone to know. They weren’t commen dog worms, but corn worms. They look like caterpillars.

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