We hadn’t made our own pizza in a while, so last week we fired up the oven and put together the best nearly-vegan pizza we’ve made yet. I tell you, I’m loving Veganrella‘s flexibility more and more. It worked great on the pizza. We only used one kind of faux meat (Safeway’s soy selection was pretty poor): chopped up Momo’s Veggielicious Drummettes, which were quite good, even without the sauce. We used no dairy except for the bit that was already in the Boboli pizza crust. Anyone have a tried and true vegan pizza crust recipe that you’d sell your soul for?

The Veganrella also came in handy last night when I made Rice and Peas with Curry Cheese Sauce from Nava AtlasVegetariana. It took a little while to make, but most of the time was spent cooking the rice. The curry cheese sauce was mighty good, and I used Veganrella with great results. This stuff would be excellent over some steamed broccoli. The final result was a tasty, but relatively mellow, blend of Indian spices (tumeric, cumin, etc.) and easy to find ingredients. This was another “not-quite-vegan” dish, as I used a 1/2 cup of plain yogurt (I couldn’t find plain soy yogurt).

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  1. Joe Lauro

    I have to say with all due respect, the new improved Vegan Rella cheese has lost it’s
    great provolone texture. It’s now too creamy. It’s OK for melting, but I can no longer
    eat it by it self.Very disapointed.

  2. Jackie

    I’m like the old commerical, give it to Jackie, he’ll eat anything. However, that new improved VeganRella Cheddar Style is NASTY. I can’t even find who made it so I can write back and complain.

  3. al hakanson

    are there any organic vegan seasalt cheese blocks that are not made w. flour. i dont eat flour. too many free rads

  4. Stacey

    I have just seen the new veganrella cheese. It claims to be 100% dairy free which is great for my 3 yr old daughter who is very allergic to milk. However, at the bottom it says made in a factory with milk products. This is not a 100% DAIRY FREE PRODUCT. I choose not to risk her life to let her try it.
    Hopefully someone will come up with a real 100% dairy free cheese, the tofu isn’t that good.
    Thank you

  5. Vidya

    i was wondering where I can find Veganrella cheese. My son is allergic to soy & dairy, and I am looking for alternatives. Pls. advice.

  6. Christie

    we’ve tried lots of cheese alternatives and find that Veganrella melts and tastes the best. i for one, don’t like the soy after taste with soy based products (and I’m Japanese-American) and my daughter is allergic, get this, to all Dairy, nuts, berries, soy, tomato, wheat and some egg… so Veganrella is our choice. when you don’t have many choices, you learn to love what you can… i just wish i could buy it in more places than the health food store…

    and yes, i would like to be able to get ahold of the vendor too, what’s with that?

  7. Christie

    what I’ve been looking for is a dairy free whip cream alternative. found one, but they only sell it in Canada. anyone?

  8. Megan

    I have also been looking for who makes vegan rella, and the closest I have come is this blog:
    It references Liberty Richter as manufacturer, but when I went to their web site I couldn’t find Veganrella listed anywhere, so I’m not sure if they actually make it or not.

  9. Dawn

    I tried the veganrella mozzerella substitute today, and I have never eaten anything so disgusting! It left this waxy coating in my mouth for hours, and I felt nauseous. Did I just get some bad product? Can someone reccommed a vegan cheese substitute?

  10. Christine

    I found the company’s number, (201) 843-8900, but haven’t tried to call yet.

  11. Dorthy McConnel

    I’m new to a gfcf diet. We’ve found different flours, snacks, etc. The only thing that eludes us is cheese. Is there an online specialty store that sells it? Where can we find veganrella or anything like it? Thank you.

  12. Blue

    Bought some veganrella yesterday and it is terrible. Smells bad, tastes bad, and leaves a bad feeling in the stomach.

    Get Follow Your Heart cheese alternative. Available on the internet or your local veg. grocer.

  13. Greg

    This stuff was amazing on pizza. Sure it smells bad on it’s own, don’t eat it straight up, when you put it on something it transform the dish into the most amazing miracle.

    Veganrella rules!

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