A coupla’ tales from a reader


A reader of my Vegan.com journal wrote in and passed along some interesting stories…

The first is about a woman that was talking to patient who had just had open heart surgery. The woman told the patient the health benefits of eating a vegetarian diet when the patient told the woman that her doctor said that it’s “OK to eat steak, just don’t eat the whole cow.” It’s amazing, and frightening, that a doctor would say this to someone who just had open heart surgery.

The reader also mentioned a vegan friend whose family went out for a steak dinner to celebrate the success of his mother’s quadruple bypass surgery. Can you imagine? That’s like going to a cigar bar to celebrate a successful operation for throat cancer.

4 Responses to “A coupla’ tales from a reader”

  1. Paul

    Plus, gristle!

    I’d like to see more info here about how many, many people think “vegetarian” means “won’t eat red meat” and that fish and chicken are okay for veggies to eat. But that’s just me.

  2. Ryan

    I was watching a special on Harlem on the Food Channel last weekend and one of the restaurant’s cooks said, “Since this woman is a vegetarian, we have some salmon for her…” Phrases like that confuse my brain.

  3. Robert

    I hate people who say things like, “I could be vegetarian if it weren’t for [fish/chicken/whatever].” It’s like they’re blaming the animals for being so delicious.

  4. David Mason

    I think it is simply indicative of how little direct relationship many people feel there really is between inflexible parts of their diet, and fixed parts of their health.


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