McDonald’s suit just about settled

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Remember the suit against McDonald’s for their use of beef tallow in cooking their fries? Well, it’s just about settled. The proposed settlement, according to a “confidential draft” calls for McDonald’s to pay $6 million to vegetarian charities, $2 million to Hindu/Sikh groups, $1 million to promote children’s hunger relief, and $1 million to support kosher dietary practices. The settlement also calls for apologies in various magazines and for McDonald’s to form an advisory board to counsel the company on vegetarian issues. Beyond that, $2.4 million would go to the plaintiff’s attorneys. It’s important to note that McDonald’s “does not admit to any wrongdoing.” (Thanks to Paul for pointing this out.)

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  1. Mike Kwiatkowski

    Listen, if you’re too stupid to realize that eating McDonald’s burgers and french fries is bad for you then there’s no hope for you. People get fat, develop diabetes, heart disease and other ailments because they garbage up on too much junk food without burning it off through exercise. If you go through life blaming others for your own mistakes, and expect to be financially compensated for your stupidity, then you’re going to have a long wait. Recently the suit filed against McDonald’s was thrown out of court, because the plaintiffs could not prove that they didn’t know they were eating foods that in excess were detrimental to one’s health.

    Just because there are morons out there who don’t know any better when they should, doesn’t mean the rest of us should be made to suffer. If you don’t want to gain weight or develop blocked arteries, DON’T PATRONIZE PLACES LIKE MCDONALD’S!!!

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